Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting back to basics

I just realized something. I was shelling peas during Bacon's morning nap, and my older son, Bean, interrupted me to make him a PBJ. As I sliced the fresh, homemade bread, and slathered on organic peanut butter and blueberry jam my mother-in-law made, it hit me--we've come a long way!

My husband has fought me tooth-and-nail for every 'green' or 'crunchy' thing I've tried to do over the years. And for good reason--I can take on A LOT. But little by little we've become a much more self-sustaining family. We've love to become even more self-sustaining. If we could ever get up the courage to put this house on the market, we'd be looking for about 40 acres in the country with woods and ponds and plenty of room for veggies and animals and everything you can think of! (Side note: anyone looking for a 5bd/2ba in Opp?)

But here's the crux. I don't know what most of you guys do that's "Back to Basics"... Why don't you let me know? I'm all for hearing about your 3R's (reduce, reuse, recycle), but what else are you into? The best answer wins... my awe and admiration! No, seriously, let me know if you have any original ideas, ok?

Monday, June 21, 2010

look out world! CHOMPERS!

Oh my goodness gracious cow! Bacon finally has a tooth. One of the usual first teeth--the bottom front ones. I have never been so excited about a child of mine getting a tooth before (I mean, c'mon, I'm still nursing, so teeth are not necessarily that awesome of a deal to look forward to), but this is something I've been waiting on for the last 13 months!

Being toothless hasn't really hindered him so far. He eats strictly table food in addition to breastmilk, and he eats EVERYTHING, just about. I'm super paranoid about chokeables, anyway, so my kids always have to wait until they're three to eat any of the choke-worthy foods (popcorn, raisins, etc). It's considered some kind of big honor amongst my crew to turn three. Bean was so stoked about chewing gum, I think he would have given half his birthday presents over for the chance.

Of course, this means that the Tasmanian Barnes had better watch out, because his time is coming. My nephew never misses a chance to try to take a chunk out of my chunky monkey, and he's a little sneaky about it, too. Once he enticed Bacon into sharing a taste of his finger; another time he pretended he wanted to hug him--then tried to eat his shoulder. Once he just came up behind him and tackled him, pinning him and chomping away till I could separate them.

Naw, NJ's sweet. I kid about the kid, but he really does have a beautiful smile and a nice healthy set of pearly whites. I hope Bacon has his father's teeth when they finally fill out his father's smile, on his father's face, which is above his father's body... he's got my lighter hair color, though. Sigh...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Funnies

Happy Father's Day to my sweet hubby who is en route to the unluckiest spot in the Gulf of Mexico right now. He should be home in about a week, and the kids and I have a trick or two cooked up for then to celebrate, but for now, I decided to steal an idea from a friend to give him a smile.

I asked the older two kids (Snuggle, age 6, and Bean, age 4) a series of questions about their father (separately, I might add--so they didn't feed off each other's answers, which is quite interesting, actually... you'll see) and compiled their answers here.

Father's Day Pop Quiz

1. What is Daddy's whole name?

S: Carlton Lee Hollinghead, Jr.
B: I don't know. Carlton Lee Someone.

2. What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy?

S: Go camping.
B: Play games and go camping.

3. What is Daddy's job?

S: Going to the oil rig.
B: Shooting. 'Cuz he needs to get more food for the Army 'cuz the Army might starve.

4. What does Daddy do during the day?

S: He watches TV and goes kayaking.
B: Sleeping.

5. What does Daddy do at night?

S: He sleeps.
B: Sleeping.

6. What does Daddy like to wear?

S: Two shirts.
B: All sorts of stuff he has in his closet.

7. How old was Daddy when he met Mommy?

S: 16
B: 6

8. What makes you love Daddy the most?

S: That he loves me.
B: A deer.

9. What does Daddy do that makes you laugh?

S: Tickles me.
B: When he tickles Baby Trace.

10. What is Daddy's favorite book?

S: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
B: An alien book that he reads all the time.

11. What is Daddy's favorite food?

S: Ribs.
B: Chicken.

12. What's Daddy's favorite TV show?

S: King of the Hill
B: Army

13. How much does Daddy love you?

S: A whole bunch
B: (Throws his arms back as far as he can, outstretched)

14. What's your favorite memory with Daddy?

S: When we went swimming in the lake.
B: Mario Galaxy. He plays that 'cuz I like it.

15. What do you want to say to Daddy on Father's Day?

S: Happy Father's Day! I love you!
B: I love you!