Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Wasted Day

Our first day in Atlanta was horrrrrible. The night we got there was pretty uneventful. We checked in. I unpacked (Lee doesn't; I do. Tomato, tomahto). We drove around for a while, looking for a battery for Lee's phone (that we ended up not needing) until we couldn't stand it anymore, then stopped at a Papa John's and ordered some pizza we had delivered. On a side note: does anyone know why the shop beside the pizza place had "Massage Colon" on its sign? Seriously, what???

When we finished scarfing down what is certifiably the BEST PIZZA ON THE PLANET, we settled in for a well-deserved rest.

They got it. Trace and I...

After a night of mostly hourly awakenings and a steadily increasing temperature, we woke and got everyone ready for breakfast downstairs. Let me tell you guys, Residence Inn at Peachtree Corners really puts on a spread. I HIGHLY recommend that place. Poor Trace threw up at the table that first morning, the second of four times that day. After we dropped Daddy off at the training center (seriously, he could have walked every morning: it was two blocks away. But I digress...), we hit the nearest Target for a thermometer and infant Tylenol, two things I almost packed and then laughed at myself for wanting to pack TOO much, as usual. After confirming Trace had a temperature of 102, I called his doctor at home, who urged me to bring him in as soon as possible. Only problem? I'm 4 hours away. 'Take him to the nearest ER,' I was told.

Had I known what was going to take place, I would have had a shorter day by driving him back home, checking in with Dr. Bang, and then bringing him back to Atlanta... but hindsight is 20/20, and I'm legally blind without these glasses... (plus, that's a big waste of gas!)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

About Us

I'm not expecting many visitors who don't already know me, but maybe you do know me--just not that much about me. Either way, I thought I'd start the adventure with a little background info.

My family consists of me, my husband, daughter Sabre (5), son Jon Curtis (3), and newest son Trace (3 months). We are a VERY happy family... as can be seen in our latest wacky attempt at togetherness, this mobile family unit thing. As I write, my children are napping in various corners of our latest hotel room, in Atlanta, GA. This can have its drawbacks (think: the local pediatrician would likely decline to follow us... but that's another story), but at least it keeps Daddy in our lives, and us in his. And it enables me to do something I've always wanted to do, without much talk from the 'peanut gallery': homeschooling!

And thus, this blog was born. Keeping up with everyone via Facebook is nice, but increasingly, I needed a larger space upon which to post our daily happenings. Especially with The Hospital Fiasco of '09... (I promise; I'll get to that later...) Here I plan to post the evidence of education... and silliness... maybe more of the latter than the former. We plan to have fun this year, and hope you'll come along with us for the ride!

Later tonight, or maybe tomorrow, I'll get around to posting the pictures of the things we accomplished today. Maybe you'll care, and maybe you'll come back daily (and maybe your title starts with the prefix Grand-) or maybe you'll find yourself visiting less often. Whichever, we hope you enjoy your glimpse down a 'road less travelled' (and with good reason, possibly...).

And I will get to The Disast-ER. Tomorrow? Hmmm...
So I'm testing out mobile blogging... Should be interesting.

Ok... Have to break to help my little one in his naptime 'accident.' More about him later...