Tuesday, February 22, 2011

EXTREME Couponing

So I went to Dothan today for a bit of shopping. Whew! I am so exhausted--3 different stores with 3 kids in tow. I am also very proud of myself, but that was quite a job. I wish I'd gotten the kids motivated to get out the door a little earlier, and then we could have taken a break instead of going from one store to the next. Anyway, here are the results:

First, we went to CVS. This trip was actually disappointing because I forgot my ECB card, so I didn't end up purchasing any of the items that would have given me ECB. But oh, well. I still scored 2 packages of Purex 2-in-1 sheets (love those things!) and a box of Guitar Magnet valentines from the clearance box that the kids picked out, all for 7 bucks. Not bad. Still less than the price of one package. But not the most awesome thing that happened that day.

The last place we went for the day was Target, and alas, Trace was very cranky by then, so I didn't bother with most of my list. Just got the things I REALLY wanted/needed. I came out of Target with a huge $36 box of Huggies, a big box of Huggies Supreme wipes, and 2 pairs of $20 Mossimo jeans (that look pretty un-Mommyish on me, if I do say so myself :D) all for a mere $23. Feeling pretty good about that one. I was actually just about to have to spend Lee's hard-earned money on some pathetic Faded Glory Jeans or something, when I received the info about the $5 Target coupon denim that I could pair with the $4.98 clearance jeans. You saved me there, Coupon Mavens of FB! And I was feeling pretty savvy myself when I spotted the big box of reduced-price diapers on the clearance endcap with the peelable dollar-off coupon, remembering I had a Target couopon AND a manufacturer's coupon for $1.50 and $2.00, respectively. Huggies diapers for less than generic? Sweet.

But wait, you say, didn't I say I went to 3 different stores? Why, yes, I did. I scoured the clearance racks at Kohls for the better part of 2 hours and, well, I spent almost $200. OUCH? Let me tell you what I got:

A dress.
A swimsuit.
A dress shirt/shrug/necklace combo.
And 3 pairs of dress shoes.
For Sabre.

A pair of corduroy pants.
A pair of pajamas.
Khaki shorts.
A Polo shirt.
And 5 pairs of shoes.
For Trace.

And for JC?
A flannel shirt.
A sweater.
2 button-up shirts.
2 dress pants.
A vest.
A tie. The kid LOVES ties right now. Carried it through the store.
And 6 pairs of shoes.

Yup. Oh, and a nice dress for me. I splurged. ;) You heard me: Over 30 items including 14 pairs of shoes for $198 and some change--that's including the $20 in tax! The cashier purely giggled when she told me I saved over $700. With the tax that I would have spent, that was $1000 I carried out to the car. Do people actually buy things at full price?

The shoes were my favorite part. I have absolutely dreaded every time the boys grow out of their dress shoes. It's impossible for me to find good dress shoes for them. I mean, I know I could go to a shoe store and shell out 20-40 bucks a pair, but puh-lease! Not when Kohl's has them for $2.49-6.99 each! So now we're good for the next, oh... 3 years or so, I should think...

Sigh... I did have to stop at McDonald's in Enterprise, about halfway home, to get a Mocha to keep me awake ;) My second splurge of the day. (No, wait. The kids and I had lunch at Goldfingers. Mmmmmm....) And as soon as we got to Opp, we rushed straight to the softball field! Now, it's ten o'clock, so I'd better get some rest before tomorrow's Rite-Aid/Walgreens run. It's hard work saving money.


  1. I love Kohl's clearance and bargain shopping! I once got $225 worth of merchandise - clothes for my nephews, back packs for a church charity-type thing, and some clothes for myself for just $11 after my percent off coupon was used, plus the special scratch-off extra percent off promotion they were doing. But even without those discounts it would still have been just $25. :)

  2. Yes, Kohl's is awesome! I hardly ever buy clothing for myself, but even I got something this time.