Saturday, February 26, 2011

Guest blogger: Sabre Hollinghead

As promised, last night's post (which couldn't be added until today because I couldn't get the site to pull up) is from a guest contributor, Sabre Hollinghead--who just so happens to be my oldest daughter (my only daughter, but my oldest--you get it). Sabre is 7 years old and is homeschooling through the 1st/2nd grades this year. Sabre wrote about her experience with satisfying her need to shop on a tight budget--hmm, let's say, a zero budget. She just spent 10 weeks' allowance to go halfsies on a ticket to an Auburn basketball game. But a girl needs toys, no matter what age she is. So without any further adieu (and remember, I'm copying verbatim):

Uncle Tim came over here and gave Curtis two coloring pages and gave me a white posterboard square and I had to make one big poster all by myself and we were entering a safety contest. Today Uncle Tim came over and told me I was in 1st place in my division and Curtis was in 2nd in his and I got $30 and Curtis got $15 and I bought perfume and lipstick and a bag that you can color on and Barbie doll clothes and Curtis got three Bakugans and a fizzy bathtub egg with a dinosaur in it. I really liked entering the safety poster contest because I liked getting free money.

And there you have it. A couponista started early.


  1. Great job, Sabre and Jon Curtis! Poppop would like to borrow some money :).

  2. That's too cute! Congrats Sabre and Curtis! I love ya'll!

  3. atta girl, Sabre! :)